Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Reading Assignment - 15 Tweets

Better late than never! Here they are.

Tweets from @ma_maddy:

It's hard to believe Kira really said that. I've always known, I guess, but it hurts to hear it aloud... #frenemies

I don't what to feel about this plan of Kira's. It just seems so unlikely. I should probably be all for it; it could save my baby. #motherfail?

Tweets from @emeadowkira:

What does Marcus know? We're trying to save humanity. It's not impossible. I don't care if I made him angry #sorrynotsorry #oops

I'm on edge. One of us is a partial, but we have no idea who #frenemies

Scruffy just finished saving our lives, and Haru goes and kills him! Ridiculous #fail #sad

Manhattan looks like it was an amazing place. If only I could remember more from the old world #iwish

Weird seeing these animals here in the city. How could panthers and tigers have gotten into Manhattan in the first place? #whoah

Remember when I thought I could go to Skousen for help capturing a Partial? #tbt #lessonlearned #stupid

To see a partial in person - it's surreal. They don't look vicious #deceptivelooks

Can't believe we're going to take one of these home with us #neverletyourguarddown

Tweets from @philosophicalharu:

To be honest, even though I believe in this idea, I have no clue how this will work, either #oops #fingerscrossed

That'll teach me not to invite guys I hardly know on a mission this dangerous. Goodbye and good riddance! #sorrynotsorry #lessonlearned

Tweets from @marcus:

If this plan fails and she dies, I'll always feel responsible. #worried

Tweets from @sargeant_van_rijn (Jayden)

Haru really thought he was in charge, and then we find out he brought a traitor. #fail

I realize this is stupid, but what other chance does humanity have? #iwish we didn't have to do this in secret.

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