Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Mid Semester Reflection

1) Six Word Memoirs

Grade: Incomplete

I'm giving myself an incomplete on this assignment because I haven't yet handed it in. I didn't really have many pictures to work with, and I also didn't have very much motivation to take any. I will try to finish this assignment sometime soon. I don't want to sound like I don't care to finish it right away, but I do have a lot of upcoming performances with school groups coming up, and I need to prepare. The lack of time is my fault for being involved in so many ensembles, but in any case, I will try very soon to finish this assignment.

2) Ignite Presentation

Grade: B

I would probably be giving myself an A on this assignment if not for the fact that I presented two days late. I thought I prepared well for the presentation and that it went well when the time came for me to actually present. I did a good job on the content of my presentation, but I do feel that I shouldn't have been reading directly from my paper quite as much as I was. Doing this assignment, I learned that I can be more productive by simply writing without judging what I write, and later revising.

3) Blogging

Grade: C

I have only posted a couple of personal additions since the start of the course, so obviously I could be doing more there. I also could be doing more to make sure I post all of my blog assignments on time. Finally, I haven't really been posting comments on other blogs at all so far. It should be fairly easy for me to improve in these areas if I try. So, for these reasons I think I deserve a C in the area of blogging.

4) Connecting and Engaging

Grade: A

Frankly, I don't think I need much improvement in this area. I comment whenever there is a class discussion on cre8tivehavoc (for the last while I have, at least, if I didn't before), and I attend class regularly.

5) Goals

My three goals for the end of this semester are to start posting personal additions to my blog on a regular basis, to complete my Six Word Memoirs, and to make sure to complete and hand in future assignments on time. I will do this by taking time in the evening when I do schoolwork to look at what I need to do in this course.

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