Monday, 7 April 2014

Personal Addition - University

I've been thinking a lot over the past few days. For a long time, whenever I've been asked what I plan to do after high school, I've always been pretty vague. I say that I plan to be "something having to do with music or language". Those are the two things that have interested me for a long time. Since middle school I've been a bit of a (self-proclaimed) "band geek", and since last year now also a "choir nerd"; maybe I would become a professional musician, or a music teacher. For a few years I also tried to learn many languages. I succeeded in learning only one - Spanish - and ended up picking up bits and pieces of others (sometimes more, but generally, bits and pieces); still, maybe becoming a translator or linguist was an option.

After some thinking, I'm now considering going into music education after high school. I won't be attending University straight out of high school, so I'll audition to U of M or Brandon University on voice in a couple of years. I think/hope that this is right for me. It's very stressful to think that if it isn't, I'll have wasted so much of my and my parents money, and that I'll have to start over.

...Adulthood is scary.

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