Sunday, 15 June 2014

Six Word Memoir: Me

Photo by Ryan Job

Neither side of my family has been in Canada very long, especially when you consider that some families have been living here since the eighteenth, or even seventeenth centuries. Both of my paternal grandparents are German, and came to Canada from Europe during World War II — my grandmother from Germany, and my grandfather from Poland. My mom came to Canada with her family in 1975 because of a bloody coup d'├ętat in Chile. I'm always very proud to discuss my heritage, and also the sacrifices and hard work by my grandparents once they arrived here. Finally, of course, I was born here in Canada, and am so grateful for the amazing country in which I live. I could have used another comma after "Chilean", but instead I used a hyphen for effect. I chose the font because it looked very bold and "in-your-face", which represents the pride I feel for my mixed heritage.

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